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Originally founded in 1983 as Christopher Banks & Associates, Catalyst TCM is a Toronto based agency that is proud to represent some of the foremost actors, directors, designers, writers and choreographers for film, television and the performing arts in their respective disciplines. Additionally we offer personal management services for our clients as well as project and event management services for the performing arts and beyond. We accept submissions for representation by referral only. Unsolicited materials will not be accepted. If we do accept your materials please note that it could take upwards of 30 business days to respond.

Ian Arnold
photo by Helen Tansey

Ian Arnold

representing actors, designers, directors, writers and choreographers as well as project and event management

Prior to his ownership of Catalyst TCM Inc., Ian Arnold was a production manager, technical director and lighting designer for some of the foremost theatre, opera and ballet companies in Canada.

Ian took over Christopher Banks and Associates in November 2005 after it had been successfully run by Christopher Banks for 23 years. He then quickly expanded the roster of artists, including the re-establishment of the agency’s literary roster. In June 2009 Christopher Banks and Associates became Catalyst TCM Inc., ushering in a new period in the agency’s history. With the change of name came more initiatives; the creation of the agency’s management division, offering administrative, touring and production support to our client’s projects as well as to other arts organizations, and the addition of both Liz Hampton and Catherine Knights as artist representatives in September 2010.

“When I was deciding on whether I would take over the ownership of the agency in 2005 I first had to ask myself ‘What kind of agent would I be and what kind of philosophy did I want the agency to embrace?’ I only had to cast my thoughts to how I liked to work as a production manager. In that vocation my strongest belief was that my job was to give those around me - whether they be the craftspeople in the workshops, the designers we engaged, the directors the company hired – not only the support and resources they required to complete their tasks to the fullest of their ability, but also to be there as an ear to listen and a voice to advocate for them and the production while making sure the wishes of the producer were ultimately being met.

"In answering this question I both formulated my approach as an agent and how the agency would move forward when I took over. We represent, to the best of our ability, our clients' interests and career goals. We also establish and maintain strong, collaborative and, above all, respectful relationships with producers, performing arts groups and casting directors to ensure that we are effective exponents for our clients.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing”
– Arundathi Roy

It really does start here.

Liz Hampton
photo by Helen Tansey
Liz Hampton

representing actors for film, television and the performing arts


Liz Hampton joined Catalyst TCM in August of 2010. She has an Honors Degree in Drama and Communications from the University of Windsor.
During her 5 years of study, she worked with a wide variety of directors and designers who influenced her own personal professional aesthetic.

Upon graduating, Liz worked in a variety of administrative positions for various organizations, namely in Theatre Development at a very grassroots level, for the Windsor Arts Council, and as Assistant General Manager of the Capitol Theatre Project, whose goal it was to refurbish an old Lowes theatre into a theatre centre that would accommodate local artists and art groups. This is Liz’s 13th year working as an agent. “I love what I do and realize everyday how fortunate I am to work in an industry that celebrates art and the makers of it.”

In making the move to Catalyst TCM, Liz will tell you, that she was attracted to the inclusiveness of what Catalyst is.

“I have always enjoyed a collaborative process and seem to flourish in circumstances that require partnerships. Landing at Catalyst TCM has allowed me to take that philosophy and run with it by formulating relationships not only with talented artists, but also with other like-minded agents with significant and varying areas of expertise.  It is the perfect climate to further develop and nurture both artistic and business relationships.”

At Catalyst, the artist is part of a collective – an artistic collective second to none. At Catalyst TCM, the artist will always be the priority.

Catherine Knights
photo by Helen Tansey
Catherine Knights

representing actors for film, television and the performing arts, stage directors, musical directors and writers

Catherine Knights is a graduate of York University and has been a professional agent in Canada since 1998.  Prior to joining Catalyst, she created the boutique agency 3SG Talent Management and served as co-president of the Board of TAMAC (Talent Agent and Managers Association of Canada). Catherine was also the Chair of the Advisory Council of the Drama and Theatre Department of Sheridan College/University of Toronto Mississauga, and is frequently consulted by unions, schools and other agents on matters pertaining to agreements, industry standards and inter-agency protocol. 

At Catalyst, Catherine manages a small roster of performers, directors and playwrights.  Asked about the move to Catalyst, Cathy had this to say:

“Ian Arnold and I share a strong desire to represent the very best in Canadian artists, and to contribute to a high level of excellence in all areas of artist representation.  When I was looking for a change from running 3SG, Catalyst seemed like the perfect fit, and blending the rosters has resulted in a powerhouse of talent.”

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